Foundation for Spiritual Creation (FSC)

FSC has been established in 1992 by Mstislav Rostropovich, cellist and conductor, Sviatoslav Fiodorov, ophthalmologist, and Vyacheslav Artyomov, composer.

The main purpose of the FSC is to affirm a hierarchy of values and give support, by every possible means, to composers, poets and philosophers of Russia in the present very hard times. The activity of the FSC is mostly dedicated to realization of V.Artyomov's projects.

Members of the Council of the FSC: Sergey Horuzhy - philosopher, writer, full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Vladimir Bibikhin - philosopher, writer; Archimandrite John - Father-Superior of the Vysokopetrovski monastery in Moscow, full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Aleksandr Rudin - cellist and conductor, head of the orchestra "Musica Viva"; Lyubov Petrova - singer, "Metropolitan Opera"; Dina Kirnarskaya - Ph.D., musicologist and psychologist, pro-rector, Gnesin Academy of Music, Moscow; Aleksandr Shokhin - Vice President, "Renaissance" Investment Fund; Vladislav Surkov - member of the Presidential Administration.


FSC provided support to composer Alemdar Karamanov (Crimea, Ukraine) and some Armenian composers.

FSC gave help to A.Karamanov in releasing CDs of his music in England and contributed to releasing some V.Artyomov's CDs under the "Bohemia Music" label.

FSC took active part in organizing Vyacheslav Artyomov Festivals in Moscow in 1994 and in Amsterdam in 1996 as well as in the performances of Artyomov's Requiem in Moscow in 1997 and 1998.

FSC assisted in organizing the lecture tour by Artyomov over the Californian Universities.

FSC stimulated publishing the religious-philosophical and poetical "Book of Radiance" by Valeriya Lyubetskaya and recording her outstanding recitation of her poems to the music of V.Artyomov.

FSC has published a book of prof. M.Tarakanov on contemporary music.

FSC put forward the initiatives of releasing 15 TV films, including films on Artyomov's works, by major Russian TV companies.

FSC, in collaboration with the publishing houses "Agar" and "Muzyka", began in 1999 to release Selected Works by Vyacheslav Artyomov in 17 volumes. By the present time, 8 volumes of this prominent composer and a book on him and his work have been published.

In addition, FSC in collaboration with the record company "Gramzapis" has released a collection of 8 CDs with Artyomov's works, some of them new and some previously recorded, including 2 CDs of V.Lyubetskaya's recitation of her poems to the music of V.Artyomov.


Further FSC projects:

1. World Pythian Games;

2. World Pythian Games(in Russian);

3. The Academy of Russian Music (in Russian);

4. The Foundation for the Arts in Russia(in Russian).